The Hendrix Project

Placed at the Fillmore East in an upper section of the balcony, on the evening of New Year's Eve in 1969, the group of ensemble members experience the work of Jimi Hendrix and The Band of Gypsys.

Directed by: Roger Guenveur Smith

Production Manager: Kimberly Yeoman

Scenic Design by: Levi Lack

Video Design: Shay Willard

Costume Design: Maggie Clapis

The Design

In attempts to recreate the lighting the night of Jimi's concert, and in order to preserve the setting of the Fillmore East, a small selection of fixtures were used; conventional and LEDs.


In order to keep the experience authentic during the concert, challenges arose to keep the lighting at a minimum and to provide the wash of stage lighting and projections that would have been used during the era.

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